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Plastic Slatted Floor

Product Code: 1658
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Dimensions: 50x50 cm

It is used as flooring in all sheep barns.

Besides, it can also be used as a calf bed in Calf Huts. In this case, a pipe should be attached to the 42 pipe fittings on the bottom and it should be raised from the ground.

The calf pad, which is used in the form of interlocking to keep the bottoms of the calves dry and has an extremely durable unbreakable structure, has a height of 2.5 cm.

These mats, which protect the calves from concrete and wetness, are produced in an interlocking manner.

It provides perfect locking with a total of 8 interlocking clips, 4 points on the long side and 4 points on the short side.

It must be lifted up to come off as soon as it is attached.