Cow Feed Lock System

Cow Feed Lock System

Feed Locks Systems

Сattle Cow Manger locks are a very useful product designed for animals to be efficient by feeding efficiently while eating, and for their vaccination and milking easily during feeding.

Manger Locks Specification: Horizontal Pipes 48×3 mm Circular

Pipe – Vertical Pipes 42×2,5 mm Circular Pipe

Locking Mechanism: Unbreakable Plastic

Cattle Feeding Entrance : Double Side (Due to this feature, every dairy animal can
lock itself and eat food regardless of its size)

Animal Locking System: Each animal can lock itself easily, but their release will
be under the care of their animal keeper. If you wish, you can release animals one by one or all animals at once with the help of one arm from the center. Coating: Cold-dip galvanized or Stainless hot-dip galvanized

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